Construction workers subdue Portland bank robbery suspect

Excellent craftsmanship and help in the community. We are there for our neighbors. Thank you to Brad Hanson and the unnamed Roofers Local 49 member for keeping a watchful eye and helping to protect our community.

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Oregon Building Trades Council Launches Social Media Arm During Annual Convention


Oregon Building Trades Council Launches Social Media Arm During Annual Convention

August 15, 2013 – On Thursday, the Oregon Building Trades Council kicked off its fifty-second annual convention by launching both Twitter (@OregonTrades) and Instagram accounts, adding to their rapidly expanding online presence – bringing Oregon’s construction unions entirely into the social media age.

The two new social media accounts come in addition to the Council’s already active YouTube channel and Facebook page. The Council will be live-tweeting pictures and videos of the convention featuring speeches by U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, Secretary of State Kate Brown, and Treasurer Ted Wheeler, among many other prominent speakers, using the hashtag #OBTC.

“Just a few years ago, many of us thought that social media platforms like Twitter were something for kids to play with. After all, construction workers are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Instagram,” said Executive Secretary John Mohlis.

The Council believes the modern uses of social media are directly aligned with those of construction workers and the labor movement. The cornerstone of the labor movement was born in a state of inclusion and transparency. The full repertoire of social media platforms not only accomplishes these goals, but provides new opportunities to communicate with members, contractors, the press, and general public.

“All of our members pay dues on every check they receive. It is critical for us to show them how this money is spent and how the leadership they empower advocate on their behalf,” said Mohlis.

About the Oregon Building Trades Council

The Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council represents more than 25,000 construction workers in 29 member unions and six District Councils. The Council was formed in 1940 to bring the needs of unions from all building-related trades together in an effort to protect the welfare of workers and learn from one another. Through their partnerships with management and state-of-the-art apprenticeship centers, the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council has developed the best-trained, most highly skilled construction workforce in the world, right here in Oregon – all without using a dime of public money.

Oregon Building Trades Council’s Online Presence






The Convention is Next Week


The convention is next week. Our tentative schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, August 14
11am – Golfers meet at River’s Edge Golf Course
Noon – Golf Tournament Begins
6pm – Bricklayers & Ironworkers Hospitality Suite (Rooms 158-159)

Thursday, August 15
7-8:30am Registration (Long House B/C –Salal Room)
7am Executive Board Breakfast (Dining Room)
8:30am – 4pm Convention Convenes (Long House B/C)
6pm – PAC/WEST Hospitality Suite (Rooms 158-159)

Friday, August 16
7am Council Secretary-Treasurer & President Breakfast (Dining Room)
8:15am – 1pm Convention Reconvenes (Long House B/C)