Understanding and Accessing Union Apprenticeships

There is a lot of buzz these days about a skilled worker shortage.  Apprenticeships are often overlooked as a promising post-secondary option.  Many advisors and parents are unaware that most apprentices complete their training debt-free, while earning living wages, health care and contributing to a pension plan.  For students who have their eyes on a diploma, most apprenticeships are affiliated with a community college and apply toward an associates degree.

The sponsors of this workshop are invested in the future of our industries, in providing a qualified workforce for our industry, and in providing opportunities for training and living wages for the youth who will become our workforce.

We invite you to participate this year.  We welcome the opportunity to provide insight into the apprenticeship model as well as the hard and soft skills essential to our workforce.

To register, please contact Bridget Quinn at bquinn@nietc.org, Workforce Development Coordinator for the NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center in Portland.  You will be sent a link before the event so that you may select your breakout sessions on-line.  Please share this information with anyone who works with youth in respect to their post-secondary options.

OBTC Apprentice