Thank you, Rep. Val Hoyle!

Please take a moment to thank Rep. Val Hoyle for her support of the Oregon Building Trades Council. She is the sponsor of two of our priority bills this session. Here office line is 503-986-1900.

Today she testified in support of our Prevailing Wage bills. Take a look below.

HB 2800 Passes in the Oregon House – A Message From John Mohlis

The Bill received a positive vote on the House floor today, 45 Yes; 11 No; 4 Excused. Nine Republicans and two Democrats voted No.

The Bill will now move to the Senate, with a floor vote likely next week. We are expecting a much closer vote in the Senate, so please contact your state senator and ask them to “Build the Bridge!”

Thanks to all who have helped so far. The work is far from done.

John Mohlis, Executive Secretary

CALL TO ACTION: Tell Your Legislators to “Build the Bridge!”

Legislators could be voting on HB2800 (the I-5 Bridge Replacement) as early as Monday the 25th. Many legislators are still on the fence and we are expecting a close vote. Please take a moment to contact your representatives to explain to them what this project means for us:

  • The project will create 1,900 jobs during the seven to nine year construction phase
  • Economic impacts will result in the creation of 4,200 jobs and $231 million in additional wages in 2030, compared to the “no build” scenario.
  • The project will secure over $1 billion of federal money for our economy
  • Vote “Yes” so we can get to work!

This project is critical for our members and the vote will be close. It is imperative that legislators hear from you.  If you do not know who your state legislators are, use this tool to find them (state legislators are listed at the bottom).

Below are videos of Oregon Building Trades Council members testifying on the bill.

John Mohlis, OBTC Executive Secretary

Russ Garnett, Business Manager Roofers and Waterproofers Local 49

Kevin Jensen, Business Manager Ironworkers Local 29

Dennis Coplin, Legislative Affairs Director Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 290

Final Public Hearing on the I-5 Bridge Replacement on Monday. We need you there!

Just Build It!

After decades of talk about the I-5 Bridge Replacement (CRC) the Oregon Legislature is now in the final stages of deliberations. On Monday February 18th, the special committee formed to explore the funding bill (HB 2800) will meet for their final public hearing.  It is critical that members of the Oregon Building Trades Council pack the hearing room.  For our members, this is one of the most important projects the legislature will debate in our lifetime and Monday is your final chance to be seen and heard on the matter.

Please join us in the Capitol Rotunda at 2:30pm on Monday. We will have stickers and talking points if you wish to testify.

If you cannot make it, please take a moment to email each member of the committee with your comments. Legislators need YOU to remind them that:

  • The I-5 Bridge Replacement Project is a regional economic stimulus project
  • The project will create 1,900 construction jobs for seven to nine years
  • The project will secure over $1 billion dollars of federal money for our economy

I-5 Bridge Replacement Committee



Phone #

Sen. Lee Beyer, Co-Chair 503-986-1706
Sen. Bruce Starr, Co-Chair 503-986-1715
Rep. Tobias Read, Co-Chair 503-986-1427
Rep. Cliff Bentz, Co-Chair 503-986-1460
Sen. Chris Edwards 503-986-1707
Sen. Fred Girod 503-986-1709
Sen. Rod Monroe 503-986-1724
Sen. Chuck Thomsen 503-986-1726
Rep. Chris Gorsek 503-986-1449
Rep. Kevin Cameron 503-986-1419
Rep. John Davis 503-986-1426
Rep. Margaret Doherty 503-986-1435
Rep. John Lively 503-986-1412
Rep. Caddy McKeown 503-986-1409
Rep. Nancy Nathanson 503-986-1413
Rep. Julie Parrish 503-986-1437



Jodi Guetzloe Parker On Coal Exports


The St. Helens Chronicle recently published a letter to the editor authored by Jodi Guetzloe Parker, Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council, regarding the proposed coal export terminals and how they will benefit our communities, generating revenue for local education and putting middle class Oregonians back to work. See the text of the letter below:

Concerned citizens throughout the Northwest have heard mixed messages about coal exports since the proposals were first announced. Some fringe groups have used scare tactics and misinformation in an attempt to derail the projects. I encourage you to evaluate each of these projects and decide for yourself based on the facts. Let’s take a look at what we know is true.

First, Asia will not stop burning coal any time soon. If Powder River Basin (from Wyoming and Montana) coal is not shipped to Asia from the Northwest, it will be shipped from Louisiana and Texas.

Second, new technologies in the transportation of coal have virtually eliminated coal dust from trains and barges.

Third, tax contributions would help fund our schools and other public services. Lastly, our region is facing very high unemployment. These projects would create thousands of much needed family wage jobs in our communities.

Don’t be fooled by scare tactics. The facts paint a clear picture of what coal export projects will mean for the Northwest: good jobs and strong communities.

Jodi Guetzloe Parker,

Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council

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