Regional councils are your local representation for the Oregon Building Trades Council. Contact one of the regional councils for information on becoming an apprentice or joining the council.

Regional Councils
Central Oregon Building Trades Council
Jeff Gritz, Secretary Treasurer
PO Box 7227
Bend, Or 97708
PH: (541)968-5998

Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council
Willy Myers, Secretary-Treasurer
3535 SE 86th Ave., Portland, OR 97266
PH: 503.774.0546, FX: 503.774.2816

Lane, Coos, Curry, Douglas Building Trades Council
Jeff McGillivray, Secretary-Treasurer
2861 Pierce Parkway
Springfield, Or. 97477
PH: 541.747.1884

Pendleton Building Trades Council
Jeff Gritz, Secretary Treasurer
PO Box 230
Hermiston, OR 97838
PH: (541)968-5998

Salem Building Trades Council
Steven Purdy, Executive Secretary
P.O. Box 404 Tangent, Or. 97389
PH: 503-779-4748

Southern Oregon Building Trades Council
Jon Flegel, Secretary-Treasurer
4480 Rogue Valley Hwy, #3, Central Point, OR 97502
PH: 541.664.0800, FX: 541.664.0806

Member Unions

OBTC is composed of 21 member unions from around the state. As highly skilled tradespeople, these men and women are an intricate part of Oregon’s workforce and economy. Our members are not only committed to excellent craftsmanship, but to being stellar citizens within their communities. For instance, locals open their halls for a wide range of activities, often at little or no cost, from community and veterans’ job fairs to high school engineering classes.

Additionally, our trades are at the cutting edge of using the latest in renewable and sustainable technologies and practices. Given the traditions handed down and considerable expertise within the trades, utilizing and expanding renewable practices is as practical as it is cost effective.

Finally, our experience with renewable practices and sustainable technologies gives us a unique and unmatched understanding of LEED® building and certifications. LEED® is the standard for sustainable and green building practices in the U.S. and our 21 member unions are well versed with the certification process to ensure your project meets and exceeds the ratings for certification.

The Oregon Building Trades Council is composed of the following trades:

1. Boilermakers
2. Bricklayers
3. Cement Masons
4. Electrical Workers
5. Elevator Constructors
6. Glass Workers, Glaziers, Architectural Metal
7. Heat & Frost Insulators
8. Ironworkers
9. Laborers
10. Linoleum, Carpet & Soft Tile Applicators
11. Painters, Floor Coverers & Drywall Finishers
12. Plasterers
13. Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters
14. Roofers & Water Proofers
15. Sheet Metal Workers
16. Teamsters
17. Operating Engineers

Boilermakers Local 242
Luke Lafley, Business Manager

Bricklayers Local 1
Matt Eleazer, Business Manager

Cement Masons Local 555
Geoff Kossak, Business Manager

Heat and Frost Insulators Local 36
Walt Caudle, Business Manager
(503) 255-2692

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 48
Gary Young, Business Manager

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 112
Travis Swayze, Business Manager

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 280
Drew Lindsey, Business Manager

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 659
Mike Scarminach, Business Manager

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 932
Robert Westerman, Business Manager

Elevator Constructors Local 23
Randy Carmony, Business Manager

Glass Workers Local 740
Todd Springer, Business Representative

Ironworkers Local 29
Joe Bowers, Business Manager

Ironworkers Local 516
Phil Casciato, Business Manager

Ironworkers DC/Pacific NW
Steve Pendergrass, Business Manager

Laborers Local 737
Zack Culver
PH: (541)801-2209

Laborers – Oregon, Southern Idaho District Council of Laborers
Greg Held, Business Manager – Oregon, Southern Idaho District Council of Laborers

Linoleum/Carpet Local 1236
David Winkler, Business Representative

OPEIU Local 11
Maureen Colvin, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Operating Engineers Local701
Jim Anderson

Painters Local 10
Scott Oldham, Business Representative

Painters District Council No. 5
Dave Winkler

Plasterers Local 82
Kent Sickles, Business Manager

Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 290
Lou Christian, Business Manager

Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 598
Randy Walli, Business Manager

Roofers Local 49
Russ Garnett, Business Manager

Sheet Metal Local 16
Charlie Johnson, Business Manager

Sheet Metal Local 55
Kolby Hanson, Business Manager

Sprinkler Fitters UA Local 669
Steven Purdy

Joint Council of Teamsters Local 37
Tony Adams, Local Representative

Teamsters Local 162
Bill Elzie, Business Representative