OSBCTC Testimony on Covid-19

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2019 Scholarship Application
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Oregon Tradeswomen is offering our Trades & Apprenticeship Career Class (TACC) in Redmond. TACC is a free, Bureau of Labor and Industries state-certified, pre-apprenticeship training program for self-identified women interested in pursuing a career in the construction trades.


Sadly we lost two Iron Workers due to a job site accident in Seattle, two civilians were lost as well. To assist the Brothers’ families during this tragedy we have set up a donation form.

About Us

OSBCTC represents thousands of skilled workers in a wide array of building and construction crafts. These workers are an integral part of Oregon’s workforce, infrastructure, Oregon’s economy, and the regions future economic prosperity.

Becoming an Apprentice

Without a dime of public money, we have developed the best trained, most highly skilled construction workforce in the world, right here in Oregon. Learn how you can join.

Green Building

OSBCTC is proud to be a leader in sustainable building practices and among an elite group of trade workers with LEED certification training.

Helmets to Hardhats

Iron Worker Women

Women Build Nations

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